Garage Doors & Installation

The garage is one of the useful components in the house. It had some great storage functions, but it’s the design that matters more than the whole garage. Sometimes the garage door even dominates the space factor. Also, a garage door is something that the house-owner doesn’t normally change more than 1 to 2 times. So, it needs to be a good one and of his own choice. Naturally, the garage door company may trick you on the same, but that’s only when you don’t know much about it.

Here in this article we’ll be discussing about the 4 basic types of garage doors that most of garage Door companies have, so you don’t need to be confused about it. (The cost provided here is for size 16×7 double door)

Aluminum door– An aluminum garage door is preferred mostly because of its two qualities. The first is the requirement of minimal maintenance and the other is its light weight. The best thing about an aluminium garage door is that it doesn’t rust. So, it suits best when the temperature is humid. No matter how humid the atmosphere gets, an aluminium garage door won’t rust. This fact is also the main reason behind the low maintenance requirement of an aluminium door. The usual cost of this type of garage door is $1500 and more, depending upon the design and all.

Steel door– The steel Garage door is one of the traditional yet classic garage doors. The thing to mention here is it offers some great features like a versatile design range, great price options and it also comes with or without insulation. A steel garage door can be single steel layered door to multilayered garage door, all depending on the user demand. Further, steel offers great durability; naturally, a steel garage door is long-lasting. This type of garage door is sold by most of the garage door company. Steel doors come in a low price range, starting from $800.

Wooden door– It’s the most beautiful and irreplaceable type of garage door. The wood used in these doors is mostly redwood which is one of the finest wood species, which gives it the property of being moisture-resistant. The bad thing is that these doors demand more maintenance. The average cost of a wooden garage door is $1300 and could go up to $3000 due to the great design most garage door company offers.

Composite wood door– These garage doors are very much similar to the normal wooden doors; but they are different in terms of features and qualities. The best part about them is that you could get them at lesser costs than the normal, fully wooden ones. They are highly durable and the best part is their low maintenance costs. These features arise from the fact that the material used, although similar to wood, is not actually wood. This eliminates most of the drawbacks that would be occurring if real wood was used. As like redwood doors, these doors are also moisture proof. Therefore, they don’t decompose as normal wood does. These sorts of garage doors comes in a variety of colors and may cost you up to $1000 on an average.

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